Dust suppression

Staple Lock Drum Sprays Code 2801

The Conflow Code 2801 - Staple Lock Spray provides a fluid spraying system for cutting drums. The spray housing is welded onto the cutting drum, which is a hardened steel forging, specially formulated to resist distortion during welding and maximise resistance to wear during use. The spray is fixed in the housing with locking staples, so there are no threads prone to damage and the sprays can be easily and quickly cleaned or changed.

The sprays are manufactured from stainless steel to eliminate corrosion problems, and are available in a wide range of different specifications with a range of inserts to provide different spray patterns.

To extend the life of the Cutting Drum, every housing is threaded, so that once worn the staples cannot be used, a single screwed spray (Conflow code 850) can be fitted into the remainder of the housing.

Typical Applications

  • For supplying pick flushing and dust suppression to mineral extraction shearer drums where precise spray positioning is required
  • Particularly suitable for heavy duty shearer drums, where it is vital that the sprays operate accurately and efficiently all the time


  • Maximum working pressure 105 bar
  • Highly effective pick flushing of cutting drums
  • Wide range of orifice sizes and spray forms
  • Easy removal and replacement of sprays, requiring no special tools