Reverse Flushers Code 2166

The Conflow Code 2166 - Reverse Flushing Strainer has been designed to provide filtration in water feed lines.

The simple, positive action changeover valve provides reverse flushing to clear the main strainer screens without the flowline having to be shut off or the filter element removed.

Due to the design of the main strainer screen the pressure drop across the unit is exceptionally low.

Typical Applications

  • To clean water being supplied to belt line dust suppression systems.
  • Cleaning water supplies to longwall faces and continuous miners


  • 1" & 1 1/4" sizes available
  • Maximum working pressure for sizes up to 1 1/4", 105 bar
  • Reverse flushing without the need for line shut-off or element removal
  • Exceptionally low pressure drop
  • Simple positive action