Dust suppression

I.S Solenoid Valve Code 5042

The Conflow Code 5042 - I.S. Solenoid Valve is a fluid line stop valve, which is operated by a 12VDC supply.

The device has been specially designed to operate with an Intrinsically Safe (I.S.) low energy supply suitable for underground use. The device is made up of two halves conveniently bolted together. The valve half (wet end) is a pilot operated stopvalve which requires only a small force to open fully, for water pressures up to 100 bar.

The solenoid half is an electrical coil (driver) which, when energised, causes a mild steel core to move axially within the coil. This movement exerts a force in excess of that required to operate the pilot valve in the wet end.

Typical Applications

  • Controlling belt sprays
  • Dust Suppression on the cutting heads of continuous miners
  • Control of water cooling to trunk conveyer belt drives


  • 1/2", 3/4", 1" & 2” versions available
  • Operates with pressures up to 100 bar
  • Controls flows up to 180 GPM
  • Rapid shut off time
  • 12VDC supply voltage
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