Hydrocyclone Filters Code 555

The Conflow Code 555 - Hydrocyclone Filter cleans debris from fluid lines without using a filter element. The device has no moving parts, using the cyclone principle to separate the particles of dirt from the fluid.

It operates by introducing the contaminated fluid tangentially into the main body cylinder, giving rise to centrifugal forces which throw the dust particles to the outside of the vortex created by the fluid flow.

The particles are discharged into a collection chamber at the base, the resulting clean water flows upwards through the centre of the vortex and exits through the top of the unit. The only maintenance requirement is to open the valve periodically at the base of the unit to discharge the debris. The Hydrocyclone has an extraction efficiency of 95% with particles down to 200 micron in size.

Typical Applications

  • To clean water feeding mineral faces with dust suppression equipment. The hydrocyclone is used as a primary filter to eliminate the larger dirt particles; finer filtration then takes place on board the machines
  • Cleaning sand/silt from water supply lines
  • Ideal for continuous miners, feeder breakers etc


  • 1/2", 1" & 1 1/4" sizes available
  • Maximum working pressure 70 bar
  • Low maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Effective filtration