Flow Measurement & Control

FLP/IS Switch Code 240

The Conflow Code 240 - FLP/IS Flow Switch is used to make, or break an electrical circuit with the presence, or absence, of any selected value of flow within its operating range.

The unit is based on the Code 452 Flowmeter. In this case the moving magnet comes into close proximity with an electrical reed switch, which closes its contacts in the presence of a magnet.

The position of this reed switch is set to coincide with a given flow, thus closing or opening the electrical contacts at this flow level. The unit can be used for any situation where a minimum, or maximum, flow condition needs to be satisfied.

Typical Applications

  • To prevent an electric motor on a conveyor drive running if sufficient water is not circulating through the motor cooling jacket, and thus to prevent overheating
  • To make a circuit on booster pumps
  • To break the circuit for fire fighting on conveyors


  • 1/2" and 1" sizes available
  • Maximum working pressure 207 bar
  • Flow Switching range 9 LPM - 90 LPM
  • Designed to monitor a minimum or maximum flow condition
  • FLP/IS versions available

The information on this data sheet is accurate to the best of Conflow’s knowledge, however we reserve the right to alter the product specification at any time. For any specific updated detail, please contact us.

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