Flow Measurement & Control

Flow Trip Device Code 5063

The Conflow Code 5063 - Flow Trip Device senses the presence of a token flow and isolates pumps, motors and other machinery when fire fighting water is being used. The switch incorporated into the device can be wired "normally open" or "normally closed".

When water is flowing through the pipe the switch is tripped so that the machinery can be turned off and/or an alarm can be sounded according to the switch wiring option chosen.

Once the switch has been triggered with a token flow, then the device will deliver the full flow of the pipeline. The tripping flow point can be selected easily by altering the position of the switch against a calibration scale.

Typical Applications

  • Machinery isolation when fire fighting is taking place


  • 2" NPT or BSP versions available
  • Flows up to 350 GPM
  • N.O. And N.C. wiring options
  • Customer set flow trip options of 5,10,15,20 & 25 GPM

The information on this data sheet is accurate to the best of Conflow’s knowledge, however we reserve the right to alter the product specification at any time. For any specific updated detail, please contact us.

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