Flow Measurement & Control

Emulsion Mixer Code 4818

The Conflow Code 4818 - Emulsion Mixer supplies a constant accurate percentage mix ratio of soluble oil and water. The unit, which will supply this accurate mix over a wide flow range, requires no electrical power, as it is driven by its inlet water supply.

The incoming water drives a rotary paddle wheel, which is connected through a set of transfer gears to a conventional gear pump mechanism.

As the gear pump rotates, soluble oil is pulled into a mixing chamber where the soluble oil mixes with the incoming water to create an emulsion. By adjusting a regulator valve on the oil inlet, different mix concentrations can be achieved.

Typical Applications

  • To provide fire resistant hydraulic fluid to power roof supports on a coal face
  • To provide lubricant coolant for machining tools in any industrial application


  • 1/2" water inlet port, 1" emulsion outlet port 1/2" oil inlet port
  • Maximum working pressure 138 bar
  • Driven by incoming water (NO power supply needed)
  • Mix ratio's from 93:7 down to 99:1 can be accommodated
  • Mix constant for flowrate from 22 to 135 LPM (5 to 30 gpm)
  • Suitable for mineral or synthetic oils

The information on this data sheet is accurate to the best of Conflow’s knowledge, however we reserve the right to alter the product specification at any time. For any specific updated detail, please contact us.

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