Flow Measurement & Control

Electronic Bypass Flowmeter Code 4912E

The Conflow Code 4912E – Electronic Bypass Flowmeter gives a linear electrical signal corresponding to the volume rate of flow of fluid in the pipeline.

It has been designed specially for high flow – high-pressure situations where a conventional in-line flowmeter is impractical. Although only a small percentage of the total flow passes through the meter, the dial indicates the complete amount due to the directly proportional relationship between the two flows.

The main body tube of the unit is simply a section of the same diameter as the pipeline, so that a minimal amount of pressure resistance is created across the meter.

Typical Applications

  • For feed lines on roof support systems where large flow and pressures are present
  • For return lines on roof support systems where minimum resistance is a requirement


  • 1.1/2”, 2”, 3”, 4” & 6” sizes available
  • Maximum working pressure 400 bar.
  • 0.4-2Vdc or 4-20mA output signals
  • Screwed, victaulic and Staple Lock versions available.
  • Cable Gland Entries
  • I.S. Approved – Certification Nos.
  • SIRA 05 ATEX2294
  • IECEx SIR 05.0061
  • Unit available with or without pressure transmitter.
  • Suitable for flows up to 1000 GPM

The information on this data sheet is accurate to the best of Conflow’s knowledge, however we reserve the right to alter the product specification at any time. For any specific updated detail, please contact us.

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