Compact Reverse Flushers Code 5075

The Conflow Code 5075 - Compact Reverse Flushers provides filtration in fluid systems with the minimum amount of downtime for element cleaning.

The unit includes a shut off valve prior to the filter element. Not only can this be used to isolate the system being fed, but the handle used for this purpose also controls the back flushing operation.

The control handle features a ratchet, which ensures the back flushing sequence takes place every time the valve is turned from ON to OFF.

The ratchet mechanism also enables the unit to be installed where space is limited. The element used is the 'V' wire type, which is especially effective for back flushing use.

Typical Applications

  • Filtration of water to:
    - Longwall faces
    - Shearers
    - Continuous miners
    - Belt sections
    - Emulsion tanks


  • 2" BSP & NPT versions available
  • Maximum working pressure 70 bar • Low pressure drop
  • Primary and secondary flush cycles
  • Unique, ratchet handle operation
  • 3/4" drain port