Pot Strainer Code 5151

Conflow developed Pot Strainer incorporates the latest technolgy in water filtration. Design provides incremental cleaning of supply water for use on miners, shearers, feeders and belt transfer points.


  • Simple and reliable system for removing solids from supply water lines.
  • Suitable for operating pressures to 1,000 p.s.i.
  • Available in port sizes of 1”, 2” and 3” N.P.T.
  • Incorporates a “V” wire straining element with either 700, 500 or 200 micron.
  • Can be supplied as single, duplex or triplex system to provide incremental cleaning.
  • Element can be backflushed using simple ball valve.
  • Ball valve has locking handle for safety.
  • All bronze and stainless materials.
  • Minimal moving parts for long life, reduced maintenance and reliability.
  • Easily handed to suit installation.