The world's leading supplier of safety solutions for underground mining

The world's leading supplier of safety solutions for underground mining

Specialist components and systems for dust suppression & fire suppression

For over 60 years, Conflow has been providing products and services that help to protect miners in the coal industry internationally. The company has also developed expertise in providing dust suppression, fire suppression and water control equipment for a wide range of markets ranging from quarrying to opencast and underground mining in more than 30 countries across the world.

In addition, wherever minerals are transported in bulk, such as quarries, power stations and ports, Conflow products help to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

We have longstanding relationships with customers, some stretching back over five decades. Our products are well known for being of the highest quality, which is backed up by excellent customer service.

Our technical support is second to none and our aim is to design solutions that help customers to solve their problems in an innovative and cost effective way.

We have a dedicated network of agents in all our major international markets who are fully trained and able to offer installation and commissioning of equipment, as well as a dedicated after-sales service.

We work both with OEMs to design and develop unique solutions, including end users and their in-house engineering teams.

Through our manufacturing expertise and technology, we are committed to reducing accidents in mines and quarries, increasing peace of mind and protecting your workforce.